biografia di Rainey BENNETT (1907-1998)

Birth place: Marion, IN

Addresses: Chicago, IL

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: ASL; Am. Acad. A., Chicago; AIC; Univ. Chicago; George Grosz-Maurice Sterne Sch., N.Y.

Exhibited: WMAA, 1939-1948; Intl. WC Exh., 48 Sts. Comp., 1939; Univ. Ill., 1949, 1951, 1957; CI, 1951; AIC, 1936, 1942 (solo), annual 1944- 1958; solo National Exh., MoMA Art Touring, 1940-1942.; S.Indp.A.; PAFA, 1953. Awards: prizes, Tuthill Award, Chicago, 1936; Renaissance Soc., Chicago, 1945; Springfield, Ill., 1947; Town & Country Award, Chicago, 1950; Bartels Award, Chicago, 1952; Clarke award, Chicago, 1956; French Medal, Chicago, 1957.

Member: AWCS.

Work: MMA; MoMA; BM; AIC; Univ. Ill.; Beloit College; DMFA; Cranbrook Acad. A. Murals: USPO, Dearborn, Mich.; Stevens Store, Circle Restaurant, Chicago; Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett Co., Evanston, Ill.; Edison Co., Mus. of Sc. & Industry., Chicago; Watercolor traveling commission, Venezuela for Nelson Rockefeller & Standard Oil of New Jersey, 1939; South America, Nelson Rockefeller, 1941.

Comments: Position: supervisor, Chicago Fed. A. Proj., 1937. Auth./ illus., children's book, What Do You Think?," 1958.

Sources: WW59; WW40."

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