biografia di Ralph GOINGS (1928-2016)

Birth place: Corning, CA

Addresses: NYC; Charlotteville, NY

Profession: Painter

Studied: Calif. College Arts & Crafts, Oakland, B.F.A.; Sacramento State College, M.A.

Exhibited: Artists Cooperative Gal., Sacramento, CA (first solo); Directions 2: Aspects of a New Realism, Milwaukee AC, 1969; Radical Realism, Mus. Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1971; Sharp-Focus Realism, Sidney Janis Gallery, NYC, 1972; New American Realism, Gallery Gestlo, Bremen, Germany, 1972; Documenta 5, Kassel, Germany, 1972.

Work: Univ. Miami; Univ. Nebraska; Univ. Pennsylvania; Neue Galerie, Aachen, Germany. Commissions: flower painting, Florist Transworld Delivery, Inc., 1971.

Comments: A photo-realist painter, Goings chose banal urban or suburban scenes, which he recorded with clarity in great detail and without emotion. Probably best known for his diner paintings. Preferred media: oils, watercolors.

Sources: WW73; John Lloyd Taylor, Directions 3: Eight Artists (Milwaukee Art Center, 1970-); Ivan Karp, Rent Is the Only Reality," Arts, Vol. 1946, No. 3; Dave Hicks "Sharp Focus Realism at Janis," Art in Am., Vol. 1960, No. 2."

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