biografia di Helen West HELLER (1872-1955)

Birth place: Rushville, IL

Death place: NYC

Addresses: New York 9, NY

Profession: Painter, engraver, craftsperson

Studied: ASL; St. Louis Sch. FA

Exhibited: AIC; S. Indp. A., 1920-22, 1934, 1941; BM 1929-32; Univ. Washington, 1931; Salons of Am., 1934, 1935; WMAA, 1935; Am. A. Cong., 1936; NAD, 1942-46; LOC, 1943-45, 1949 (prize); AFA traveling exhib., 1943-1945; Lowell (MA) AA, 1944; Smithsonian Inst., 1949 (retrospective); City Lib. Assn., Springfield, 1948; Calif. State Lib., 1951; Univ. Maine, 1952; Hempstead, NY, 1952.

Member: ANA; SAGA; AEA.

Work: LOC; BM; Chicago Munic. Coll.; Smithsonian Inst.; NYPL; Bryn Mawr College; murals, Neponsit Hospital, Brooklyn, NY; Lindsborg AG, KS; Illinois State AG, Springfield; Grosvenor Lib., Buffalo; Berkshire Mus., Pittsfield, MA; Newark Pub. Lib.

Comments: Auth./illus.: Migratory Urge", (text cut in wood), 1928: "Woodcuts, U.S.A.," 1947.

Sources: WW53; WW47, where her date of birth is given as 1870; Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists.

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