biografia di Giovanni MORASSUTTI (1980)

Personal data

Birth : 03/15/1980 - Padua PD Veneto, Italy
Sex : M
Nationality/Affiliation : United States


Padua PD Veneto, Italy
New York NY New York, United States


Art Aia – Creatives in Residence – Via Banduzzo, 31, 33079 Sesto al Reghena PN – Italy


2004-2007: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (BA) – Rome, Italy

Professional data

Work and Life

Giovanni Morassutti is an Italian German contemporary artist, actor, director, and founder of Art Aia – Creatives In Residence, a former agricultural center turned into an art residency. As an artist, he combines action painting and collage techniques with dynamic brushstrokes and found materials, including Illustrations, portraits, and textiles. His latest works are made out of Copper, focusing on the overall consistency of its form and oxidation process. He also created several light paintings. As a film director, he wrote, directed, and produced the documentary film Personal Dream Space where he investigates the theme of creativity.

Other professions

Actor, Director, Writer, Cultural Entrepreneur


“Strasberg Legacy”
Google Arts & Culture online exhibition



Copper Patina
Date of creation : 2022
Medium : Oil/copper
Size : 50 x 60 cm
Copper Patina
Date of creation : 2022
Medium : Photograph
Technical data : light painting
Personal Dream Space
Date of creation : 2021
Medium : Film
Personal Dream Space

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

Solo exhibitions


“Climate Change Theatre Action 2021 sul Tagliamento”
Antica Fornace di San Paolo – San Vito al Tagliamento PN – Italy


“Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin and the Independent art scena”
SIAM cultura – Milan MI, Italy

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